By: Mark A. Severson Board Certified Real Estate Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association The devastating blow of the COVID-19 Virus has been felt by many in virtually all aspects of life, from Wall Street to Main Street.  Business has been essentially frozen as we all anxiously await positive developments.  The events of COVID-19 have certainly affected one’s ability to perform under previously agreed upon contracts. As we navigate this novel pandemic, we may

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

As we all navigate these current events, please know that Severson Porter Law will remain ready, willing, and able to serve your legal needs throughout the crisis. The Firm is following all recommendations from the CDC in maintaining a clean work space. The Firm has the technology in place to work remotely, if necessary, without losing any efficiencies or abilities. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. If anything from this crisis requires an

VARIANCES: Obtaining Permission to Vary from a Zoning Ordinance

Local governmental units, including but not limited to municipalities, townships, or counties, (referred to hereafter as “LGU”) enact zoning ordinances as a way to regulate real estate development. On a very basic level, most would agree that zoning ordinances are for the mutual benefit of the LGU and its residents. It is a means to obtain order and ensure zones of commonality. For instance, a zoning ordinance sets up a residential zone with a certain